Jeff Zuber
Small Venue Entertainment
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Jeff Zuber has been writing music and performing since the early 1970's.  His music is best described as folk/rock with a little country flavor. His song writing style puts a strong emphasis on telling compelling stories that are accessible to his audience. His early influences were folk artists like the Kingston Trio and Pete Seeger. Over the years Jeff has kept an open ear to contemporary artists as he has strived to keep his songwriting fresh and relevant. You might catch a bit of James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Jimmy Buffet or Ed Sheeran in his storytelling style.

For many years Jeff has delighted audiences at small venues such as wine rooms, cafes, coffee houses and cozy bars with his engaging performances.  He continues to perform regularly and plans to do some touring outside his home base of Washington State. If you’d like to book a performance just visit the Contact Page to send Jeff an email.

In 2011 Jeff was confronted with a life changing event when he was diagnosed with throat cancer. From 2011 until 2014 Jeff underwent treatment that included several surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation. Jeff has been cancer free since his treatment concluded in early 2014.

The brush with cancer motivated Jeff to make the effort and investment to launch a recording project. With his health good and voice stronger than ever, Jeff recorded and self-released two albums, ‘Every Road Takes Me Back to You’ and ‘Love Can Be a Crime’ in 2016. These songs include beautiful stories of love lost and found, remembrance of triumph and failure and sometimes just a little of humor. All the songs are written with the hope every listener can discover their own story within them. If you’d like to hear or purchase Jeff’s songs just visit the Music Page.


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